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Beginner’s Guide How To Download And Play Shoot Phat Loc Fish

What is lucky fish shooting? This game has something attractive, let’s share with the Nhà cái 188BET bookie expert in the following article! This information will help you have a lot of experience when playing shooting fish at this house.

  1. What is a lucky fish shooting?

Shooting fish is a very interesting online fish shooting game that is most loved by young people today. Coming to the game, you can play shooting fish for fun and earn money easily. Super terrible fish shooting community with daily and hourly visits up to tens of thousands of participants.

The game has attractive 3D graphics design, unique and diverse usage features. Players are immersed in the vast ocean space with thousands of extremely attractively designed fish. If to choose a fish shooting game that meets the requirements such as interesting – unique – making great money, shooting fish with fortune will be the most worthy online game to try today.

2.The rules of the game of shooting fish

The rules of the game are not complicated. After completing, participants log in to the game account, then choose one of three game rooms such as shoot now, mini game or competition. The game will offer a playing method that is: free play or arena play, in which:

  • Free play, also known as ocean fishing: you will play with other members in the game automatically allocated by the system (maximum of a table with 4 players)
  • Arena (VIP room): Players will be distributed by the system to play (3 players at the same time). Each game has 1 minute to shoot, when the time is up, the system will add up the points of the winning player and accumulate experience points.

In the game arenas that you have selected, you will choose the type of weapon you want to use. Then aim at the fish to shoot at them. And when you shoot down a fish, the amount of prize money brought back corresponds to the value of that fish. The calculation of shooting points is as follows:

  • Small fish: 5-10 cents depending on type
  • Medium fish: 20 cents
  • Big fish: 100-200 coins
  • Big Boss: 200-500 coins
  1. Instructions on how to download and shoot fish

To play the game, all you need to do is follow the simple instructions below:

Step 1: Access the game: Go to Google or Chrome, search for the game “bancaphatloc”

Step 2: Register and log in the game: If you already have an account to play at Bancaphatloc, you just need to enter your name + password to join the game. If you do not have a game account, please register an account by following the simple steps below.

  • Choose PLAY NOW
  • Select REGISTER
  • Enter information required by the system such as: Account name, password, phone number, Email, display name, enter password, ID card, date of birth, Capcha.

Step 3: Go to the game and choose a game room: when you complete the account login successfully. You should quickly choose

Step 4: When starting to participate in shooting fish: when you have selected a room to play, please participate in shooting fish with the weapons prepared in the game.

3.1 Tips for playing Lucky Fish Shooting

You want to play shooting fish optimally and earn a lot of coins, in addition to you need to understand the rules of the game and how to play. You will have to know more tips or shoot fish from today’s professional gamers. Join us for some useful information below!

Instructions on how to check 188BET

3.2 Skill to shoot small and medium fish

For small fish, you need to conduct a reasonable selection of ammunition. Because small or medium fish usually have a lesser reward value of about 5 – 20 cents. Therefore, to make sure not to waste coins, choose bullets with a small attack level, enough to destroy the fish.

For small fish, swimming alone, choose bullets with a level of 2 cents, this bullet has a greater chance of killing small fish. As long as you have the ability to aim accurately, the ability to hit the target is very high.

As for the medium fish, we will still use 2-cent bullets to shoot 2-4 bullets in succession to destroy the prey. If the 4th bullet is still not destroyed, you should stop shooting and find another prey. Because the fish will swim many places around the lake then disappear. If the fish swims further, the ability to aim and destroy is more unsuccessful.


3.3 Big fish boss hunting tips

This game will be suitable for those of you who already have a fairly high number of coins, about a few thousand coins to play. Then the player will not have to destroy the small fish 1-2 cents but will also have to destroy the sharks, the big fish and the mermaid. Use the most expensive ammo (usually 7) because for each fish you shoot, you get 100 to 200 coins and other attractive rewards.

When wishing to get these fish, participants need to have a large amount of money when playing the game. Minimum is 500 – 1000 coins in the account. It is the big fish, shark or Boss in the game.

The above article is the information that gives support so that you can easily understand what is Phat Loc fish shooting game? If you are wondering between playing fields, register for 188BET to experience the game, relieve stress and earn money which is very trending today!

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