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Do you know how wooden drums are made?

Jackfruit wooden drum are one of the items that are too familiar to us. It appears in daily life, in festivals and rituals. So do you know how a wooden drum is made? Let’s find out through this sharing.

3 steps to get a quality wooden drum

To be able to make a quality drum sample, it will need to go through 3 main stages as follows: Making the drum surface, making the drum, and holding the drum. It seems simple, but did you know that for the drum to sound eloquent and echoing, it is an effort of the workers. As well as requiring very careful selection of ingredients.

The first is the drum surface made from buffalo skin. This new material ensures the sound of the drum is resonant. Buffalo skin needs to be selected carefully and up to standards. Then clean and stretch to dry naturally in the sun. When the buffalo skin is dry, the craftsman will cut it into a circle the size of the drum. Then soak it in water until soft so that it can be covered on the drum. This type of material has good elasticity, good durability, so the quality of the drum is extremely durable. However, there is a note when you cover the drum face that it needs to be fixed extremely firmly so that it does not slip out of position.

Next is the drum, the step of making the drum requires extremely skilled techniques of the craftsman. The type of wood used is jackfruit wood, because it does not crack when drying, is not invaded by termites, is certainly durable, easy to process, so it can ensure the criteria for making drums.

The type of jackfruit wood selected must be an old tree to ensure a solid drum. The reason for saying that this stage needs high technology is because the drum has a curved shape, it needs to be even and uniform in size, it will fit snugly when assembled. After being processed and cut, the drum will be dried and then polished before being put into use. The step of joining the drum requires delicate and meticulous techniques, the new joints can be tight.

Screenshot 1

Finally, it is time to cover the drum face, which is a way to use previously treated buffalo skin to cover the drum surface. This step requires precision, to be sure to stretch the drum. When stretched, the worker will knock on the surface of the jackfruit wood to see if it is up to the standard.

After completing those main stages, finally, depending on the requirements of the customer or the type of drum, the drum will be painted, painted with textures to increase the aesthetics.

Thus, a wooden drum has been completed through the above stages. Depending on the different size of the drum, the time it takes to perform these stages will be different. But the key point is still choosing the right material.

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How to choose to buy standard drums

The process to make a drum is like that, but when buying, you need to look carefully to get a quality drum. Specifically, we need to pay attention to:

About size: You should know that for each type of drum, which is a school drum, or a festival drum, etc., there will be different sizes. You can see that the drums of elementary and middle schools or other grades have differed in magnitude. You should choose to buy based on the purpose of use to choose the right one

About the material: As shared, the best materials are jackfruit wood and buffalo skin, so you should learn through a few points to identify these two materials to ensure the quality of the drum.

And do not forget to choose a reputable sales address to be able to own quality products.

So through a few small shares above, we have revealed to you how to make a wooden drum. It is quite simple to say, but it is a meticulous process of craftsmen, to make the product you use and see as it is today.

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