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Experience in choosing to buy professional oak wine barrels

Everyone is familiar with oak barrels for winebut not everyone can choose to buy it correctly. You should know that if you choose the right standard, you will get a delicious wine with the right taste. And this sharing will help you choose quality products.

Choose the wood of oak barrels

The first important factor is the quality of the wood, because it is true oak that the product is as valuable as you expect. Did you know that oak is considered the best choice for making this product? because its properties can change the nature of wine to have a delicious taste, as well as ensure a smooth aging process.

But not every oak tree can make quality barrels. So you can see how important the choice of material is. You should equip yourself with the knowledge of wood species identification, white and red oak, especially white oak as it is more commonly used in casks.

Choose the right size you need

Do not buy a barrel that is too big to soak a small amount of wine and vice versa. Because this will not achieve the effect and taste of the wine that you expect. So choosing the right size of the barrel is also a bloody experience. Currently, there are quite a lot of capacities from 10 liters to hundreds of liters so you can choose the right one for your soaking needs.

Of course, the bottle with a small capacity, the soaking time will also quickly grow a bottle with a capacity of up to hundreds of liters. For families who only soak to enjoy, they should choose 10, 20 liter lines and 100, 200 or 300 liter lines are often chosen by restaurants.

Inside and outside oak cask inspection

An important point if you are looking to buy a quality oak barrel is to check the inside and outside of the barrel. This shows you whether it uses glue lines or beeswax to stick or not. Or is the barrel cracked, leaking water in any position. Because these two things will affect the quality, use value and longevity of the wine barrel.

Usually, we will have a certain time to return goods, so during that time, you can pour cold water into the barrel and soak it for a few days to see if it leaks or not, as well as the characteristic sour smell of wood. soaked oak not.

Old oak casks should be avoided

There are often people looking to buy old oak barrels, because it is cheaper than new barrels, and also do the aging. But our advice is that you should not spend money owning this product. Because sometimes its use value and duration are very short.

Why do we say that? Because most of the old wooden crates sold by homeowners are often because they are bored with it, or have a leak or damage somewhere affecting the quality of the wine, so they want to liquidate it. And accidentally you buy and use again. So invest in a new barrel.

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Don’t focus too much on price and forget about quality

There is a segment of customers who are quite excited about buying a product at a cheap price, but they forget that they need to value its quality as well. Therefore, there are many cases of crying and laughing when buying cheap goods that cannot be used.

So do not focus too much on this number and forget that quality is a factor that should be taken into account. So the solution is related to another problem, which is to find a reputable sales address, so you can get both quality and reasonable price at the same time.

We can search for brands that sell online, filter out reputable names through reviews or customer reviews on them. Then check yourself directly or indirectly to see if it is a reputable address like Pham Gia wooden crate?

So it is quite simple for you to find a genuine, quality oak barrel, right? Hopefully, some of these shares will help simplify your buying process somewhat.

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