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Is it worth hiring an H1b visa attorney?

If you’re working for an MNC, you might anytime be asked to relocate to the United States as the US recruit for the company. This is when an H1B visa comes in and it is a work permit that allows foreign employees to move to the US and work for American companies. However, the foreign worker has to work in a field that demands some sort of special knowledge for which the employer couldn’t find a better US employee.

When you apply for an H1B visa, the American company that hires the employee sponsors the applicant. The employer is supposed to pay the fees and submit all other paperwork on behalf of the employee. An immigration law firm, Pollak Immigration, PLLC confirms that the most common question among such immigrants is whether or not the services of a lawyer are necessary during the process.

In which situations may you need the services of an attorney?

Due to the fact that the administration is going through several changes, there are a few kinds of H1b petitions that aren’t as simple as they were in the past. A few instances are as follows:

  • Any IT job position that has low skill requirements or qualifications (for instance, entry-level computer programmers are restrained for an H1b visa)
  • H1b visa transfers for a new applicant
  • All H1b visa extensions and as per new regulations, extensions need to be treated as new petitions
  • Positions at low wage levels

How does an Immigration lawyer help you with the H1b visa process?

If you’re not sure about how an immigration attorney might help you with H1b visas, here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • He will give advice to the worker and the sponsor regarding the total process and timeline
  • He will complete the petition on your behalf along with all the required to documents
  • He will handle your realistic and unrealistic expectations for being chosen in the lottery
  • He will get you the most recent wage for the job and the location that you have been relocated to
  • He will complete the Labor Conditions Application properly
  • He will  file a petition with the USCIS
  • He will respond to any request that you make for evidence from the USCIS
  • He will follow up and connect with you regarding the results of the lottery and petition review

While there are many foreign applicants and sponsors who prefer doing the petition on their own instead of paying extra fees to H1b visa attorneys. Nevertheless,  when you consider the business and financial benefits for both the worker and the sponsor, hiring an immigration attorney might be a wise investment.

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